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Ganesha Blessings Pendant


  • 1 Sterling Silver Ganesha Pendant
  • 1 Sterling Silver Lotus Charm
  • 1 Planetary Gemstone – set in Sterling Silver
  • 1 Sterling Silver 18″ Box Chain


Ganesha is the Elephant God in Hindu mythology, the remover of obstacles, protector of house and home and provider of success in business. Ganesha is the god we offer our worries to and honour before starting on a new business venture.


Garnet: Garnet is the gemstone for the SUN. Positive qualities that may be enhanced: leadership skills, nobility, independence, self-esteem, confidence, integrity, power, creativity, endurance and generosity.

Garnet detoxifies the blood, regulates blood circulation in the body and promotes heart health. Enhances strength of spleen, lungs and the spine and may reduce depression. Garnet is a stone of protection and manifestation and ensures save travels.

PLANET: Sun   ELEMENT: Fire    CHAKRA: Root/Heart


Pearl: Pearl is the gemstone for the MOON. Positive qualities that may be enhanced: openness, faith, kindness, tolerance for others, sensitivity, imagination, merchant skills, good memory and empathy.

Pearl – bestows the powers of the Moon on its wearer and brings peace, confidence, courage and calmness. Pearl instills positivity and makes the wearer kind and creates emotional and psychological harmony. It is believed to help with depression and negative energy and may instil wanderlust or the desire to travel.



Coral and Carnelian: These are the gems for MARS. Positive qualities that may be enhanced: strength, independence, courage, passion, guidance, goal-oriented, focused, energy and direction.

Carnelian/Coral increases personal power and physical energy, courage, compassion and a boost in creativity. Carnelian/Coral enhances vitality and will, good luck and opportunity, emotional healing and joy. Carnelian/Coral is said to awakening the hidden talents within.

PLANET: Mars ELEMENT: Fire & Water CHAKRA: Sacral


Peridot: Peridot is the gemstone for MERCURY. Positive qualities that may be enhanced: intelligence, cleverness, intellect, humour, dexterity, communication, discernment, ability to learn quickly, sense of equality and rationality.

Helps improve concentration and tranquility. May combat stress, hypertension, depression, have a positive effect on blood pressure and increase the flow of energy in the body. Electro-magnetic properties which may promote healing.

PLANET: Mercury ELEMENT: Air and Earth CHAKRA: Heart


Citrine: Citrine is JUPITERs gemstone. Positive qualities that may be enhanced: abundance, expansion, luxury, luck, success, wisdom, optimism, creativity, sharing, and spirituality.

Citrine – Citrine is connected to the Navel Chakra and may help with will power, self-esteem, creating a strong presence in the world, manifestation, healthy boundaries, and creative action. This stone is also linked to increasing digestive health and have a positive effect on the liver and gallbladder.

PLANET: Jupiter ELEMENT: Fire &; Water CHAKRA: Manipura/Navel


Zirkon: Zirkon is a gemstone for VENUS. Positive qualities that may be enhanced: love, affection and romance, beauty, social life, friendliness and ability to make friends, balance, elegance and sensuality.

Zirkon can absorb and regulate energy. It is often used to amplify the effect of other gems and may neutralize negative energy. This stone may balance and revitalize body, mind and spirit and has been linked to enhancing psychic ability. It is  associated with the planet Venus and has the ability to align the subtle bodies and harmonize the chakras.

PLANET: Venus  ELEMENT: Air & Earth   CHAKRA: All


Amethyst: Amethyst is the gemstone for SATURN. Positive qualities that may be enhanced: authority, discipline, responsibility, endurance, consistency, concentration and focus, hard work and business.

Amethyst – This stone is a favourite semiprecious gemstone used by gem therapists and astrologers. Amethysts is said to provide good understanding, good judgement and detachment and self discipline. It helps to remove heat from the body, remove anger and gain calm and stability of the mind.

PLANET: Saturn ELEMENT: Air CHAKRA: Third Eye, Throat, Crown

About this pendant

I’m not a jewelry merchant but an Astrologer and Gem Therapist, which means I don’t carry much inventory at any given time. ¬†All pieces that are part of the Ganesha Blessings Jewelry are hand-made to order in Bali.

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Your order will be fulfilled and on its way to you within 7 days.


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